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  • Full Experience

    60 minutes – €29 p.p.
    Either choose multiple games, or take a shot at one of our 60-minute exclusives and go for the Full Experience!
    Battle your friends in VR Paintball or brawl back-to-back against hordes of zombies, orcs and dragons!
    Games and exclusives can be found here!

  • Just a little longer

    90 minutes – €39 p.p.
    Just a little longer? It’s possible! This is the ideal session to try out multiple games, or have a crack at robbing banks! Virtually, that is, we promise…

  • Full Experience +

    120 minutes – €49 p.p.

    Here there be dragons…

  • Ubisoft VR Escape Room

    60 minutes – Escape Adventure – €34 p.p.
    Can you escape from these mythical adventures? Set in the world of Assassins Creed, Ubisoft has raised the bar in VR Escape/Adventure games.
    *these games have to be played with an even number of players.

  • Just a little longer + VR Escape Adventure

    90 minutes – €44 p.p.

    Have a crack at escaping our mythical Escape Adventures, and combine it with another short game!

  • Full Experience + VR Escape Adventure

    120 minutes – €54 p.p.
    Combine our most immersive session with top-notch exclusive content.
    This is a Full Experience + with a VR Escape Room included.
    * Note that the VR EscapeRoom needs to be played with an even number (2, 4, …) of players.

Specials and extras

  • Private Lounge

    45 minutes private lounge + free drink – €6 p.p.
    Private lounge after to have drinks, cake, open gifts, …?

  • Side Entertainment

    Side Entertainment – €12 p.p.
    Our famous Assymetric Multiplayer Games

Please note that bookings for Ubisoft VR Escape Rooms have to be made for an even amount of players (2, 4, 6, 8, …)

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For B2B arrangements, all prices are exclusive of VAT.